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September 20, 2011
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Part 3

"Your WHAT??" Gumball shouted so loudly, most of the candy people looked over at them, worried at the noise and the sight of Marshal Lee.
Marshal Lee, however, was enjoying himself quite thoroughly, and was smiling simply at the baffled Prince.
"My girlfriend." Marshal stated casually, to the upmost annoyance of Gumball.
"I don't believe a word of it!" shouted the prince, cheeks flushed angrily.
"Oh? You don't do you?" inquired Marshal Lee, now fixedly looking Gumball straight in the eyes.
"No I do not!" Huffed the Prince.
"Well whatever you say…." Marshal Lee said, floating away from the furious Gumball and leaving him to think it over for himself. Marshal floated high above everyone, looking for Fionna. He wanted to be alone with her so badly it almost hurt, and at last he spotted her on the balcony, gazing up at the stars as Lumpy Space Prince seemed to be conversing next to her, more to himself then to Fionna.
"And so I just told them, 'what the lump? I can lumping do stuff myself' and they were all like-
LSP stopped talking at the sight of Marshal.
"And what the lump do you want?" said LSP unafraid. It was one of the many things Marshal didn't like about this particularly annoying prince. The fact that he couldn't scare him was extremely frustrating.
"I'd like a private word with Fionna." Marshal said coldly. LSP crossed his arms defiantly.
"Please." Said Marshal through gritted teeth.
LSP puffed away, leaving Fionna and Marshal Lee together.
"Hey," Marshal said gently. Fionna didn't respond.
"I'm really sorry, he just gets on my nerves a lot. He doesn't respect me you know?" said marshal pleadingly. Fionna turned to look at him from the corned of her eyes, but didn't quite face him.
"Ok fine! He makes me jealous too! I don't like the way he talks to you." And this time Marshal turned away, his arms crossed and shoulders hunched.
"Oh Marshal…" Fionna said gently, cupping his chin in her hand. She pulled his face towards hers and they finally kissed. Marshal Lee put his hand on her cheek and closed his eyes, engulfed in perfect bliss. They wrapped their arms around each other and broke apart, keeping their foreheads touching. Fionna was now floating in Marshal's grasp, and they looked into each others eyes.
"So am I forgiven?" Marshal asked hopefully.
"Of course you are. I understand that he annoys you perfectly. I just don't like it when you fight." She looked away sadly.
Marshal Lee looked at her feeling guilty. But he brushed her hair out of her face and she looked back at him.
"It can be hard not to fight over something so wonderful." He whispered to her. She blushed and he kissed her lightly on her lips.
"Do you want to go up to the roof?" He asked her hopefully. He wanted to get away before Gumball found them, which he knew he would.
Fionna studied him for a bit, but finally answered "yes."
He cheerfully lifted her up in his arms and glided up to the sky. They found a spot that overlooked the entire kingdom and he landed softly, putting her down beside him. They sat for a while, side by side, and marshal lowered his head into her lap. She stroked his head languorously, and he closed his eyes. Her fingers moved in and out of his hair, playing with every strand. He opened his eyes and smiled dreamily up at her beautiful smile. She leaned down and kissed him passionately on the mouth, and he put his arms around her, feeling her heat. Her hand lay on his chest, and he brought his hand down to her knee. He began moving it up ever so slowly, as she moved her hand down his chest. His hand crept up her thigh and brushed something cold. He started in surprise, and Fionna broke away.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
Marshal Lee began to lift her dress slightly and got a glimpse of something shinny.
"What the….?" He began, but Fionna only laughed.
She lifted the side of her dress up her thigh, revealing a concealed dagger wrapped just under her underwear. Marshal blushed at the sight, but couldn't help smiling.
"Well that's new." He said, eyes still on her long leg. He secretly thought it was actually pretty sexy.
Fionna giggled quietly. "You never know when adventure will strike."
Of course, thought Marshal Lee, smiling to himself.
She swiftly pulled the dagger from her leg, spun it in her hands and thrust it into the roof top, right above Marshal's shoulder. He starred at it surprised, and noticed it now held down his shirt. He laughed.
"Now," whispered Fionna in his ear. "Where were we?" she leaned into him, her lips brushing his neck, his arms on her back. He kissed her neck and she leaned back with her eyes closed. He kissed her chest, right above her dresses neckline. He wanted to pull its straps down her arms, and let the dress fall where it may, but he had to respect her, he was very careful to give her the first move. So he pulled his head upwards and met her lips. She lay on top of him, their bodies pressed together. She was beginning to unbutton his top button, and he grew excited. It felt so secret and special to be doing this right here.
Of course, when you're in love with an adventuress, sometimes things tend to get in the way…..

Fiolee chapter 2 part 3by madmaddy101

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2011-2014 madmaddy101
Mature Content
Fiolee <3
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